Do Kadam : Towards a Gender-friendly Police

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On the directions of Lieutenant Governor, Delhi, interaction of NGOs and women's rights groups with the Special Police Unit for Women and Children (SPUWAC) is held at Nanakpura Police Station on the last Friday of every month. Various issues relating to women's safety are discussed. It was suggested to ensure the safety of women living in slums, visiting parks and monuments and passing through roads where liquor shops are located.

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On the last Friday of every month, an in teraction of NGOs and Women's Rights Groups is he ld with the Special Police Unit for Women and Children, in the Conference Hall at Nanakpura, New Delhi. Joint Commissioner or Special Commissioner of Police chairs the meeting where the representatives ventilate the grievances of the people of their area and the difficulties they encounter. Their cases are taken up with respective departments and outcomes are explained in the next meeting.

Our Foundation has been participating in all these meetings. Among the many cases, it has raised the case of a safai karmachari named Suman.

Last year, Suman, who lives with her husband, son and physically handicapped and mentally retarded daughter at Badarpur, approached the Foundation with allegations of harassment against some anti-social elements. Her son, Anand was twice attacked by a group of four young men; he was hit on his face and was unable to open his mouth and even his mother was attacked when she came to his rescue. The Foundation brought it to the notice of the Commissioner of Police and is pursuing the case to give justic e to the harassed family and to bring the anti-social elements to book

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The Foundation had the privilege of organizing "DO KADAM-Towards a Gender Friendly Police", a series of programmes on sensitization and capacity building of people personnel, jointly with Crime Women Cell and South District Police. The main objective of the programme was reorientation of attitude and proper sensitization of the police personnel, sitting at various police stations, for the behavioral attitude towards the victim; the victim may be handicapped, aged, infirm, ladies or anybody. The participants were advised to respect a lady as a mother, as a daughter, as a wife, as a sister and as a friend. The police force was remined of the stupendous task that lay ahead before them for changing the mindset of "FIRST TIMERS 92% PERSONS "indulging in crime. The response the participants gave in their working sheets showed an insight into the subject and they deserve every praise for that.