The 15th Memorial Lecture

Every year, since its inception, the Justice Sunanda Bhandare Foundation invites an eminent person to deliver a lecture on a theme of human rights and gender justice. The Fifteenth Justice Sunanda Bhandare Memorial Lecture on the subject Women and Peace was delivered by Nobel Laureate His Holiness the Dalai Lama at New Delhi on Friday, November 20, 2009.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama said that he considered himself a messenger of India. He said that he preferred to learn from the people of this country rather than a lecture. Peace, he said, goes beyond words and and gestures. When we talk about peace, we must look inward. Non-violence is a gift, which is about the well-being of others. It can be fostered by motivation at the family level. By changing our attitudes we can change our minds and hearts, which, said the Dalai Lama, would be possible through the method of analytical meditation.

Referring to peace and women, His Holiness said that naturally and biologically, women are more compassionate than men. He wished for the 21st century to become a century of non-violence and dialogue. Through dialogue we can resolve our conflicts, he said. He appealed to educationists to introduce in the educational system, methods to train students to become more compassionate and caring. Peace can come through drastic changes in our educational system at the global level, he said.. Talking about equality and peace, the Dalai Lama said mutual respect and dialogue were the only solutions. Arguments pushed forcibly are not dialogues. Trust comes from openness. India, which has a 3,000-year-old history must lead the word in this direction.

Hon'ble Shri Justice A.P. Shah, who president over the lecture thanked the Dalai Lama for his enlightened speech. He said every man is created in the womb of a woman but the irony is that the creator is neglected and harassed. All religious talk name of religion. He laid emphasis on the teachings of Vivekananda to establish peace in society.