Workshops & Seminars

Seminar on Empowerment of Women for visually impaired students(2017 - 2018)Read More..

A seminar on Empowerment of Women for visually impaired students was organised in collaboration with the Enabling Unit of Daulatram College, New Delhi in the college conference hall on September 10, 2018. Dr. Savita Ray, Principal of the college, inaugurated the seminar which was attended by about 150 visually challenged students from various colleges of Delhi University, other students, professors, advocates and police officers. Mr. Ram Avtar Singh, SHO, Maurice Nagar spoke how to lodge an FIR. Dr. Megh Raj, Dr. Baskinand Dubey, Dr. Priti, Dr. Anju and Mr. Dalip Singh, Advocate spoke on topics such as POSCO Act, Criminal Law, Rape Law, Homosexuality and Rights of the Third Gender. Dr. Asha enlightened the students on how to file sexual harassment complaints in colleges. Mr. Murlidhar C. Bhandare, Managing Trustee, JSB Foundation inspired the audience to treat visually-impaired citizens with a spirit of equality and distributed certificates to the participants. Mrs. Manjula Rath of the Enabling Unit of Daulatram College and Mr. Takreem Ahmad, Administrative Officer, JSB Foundation coordinated the seminar.

Empowerment of Women with Disabilities: Legal Aspects(2015 - 2016)Read More..

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, Justice Sunanda Bhandare Foundation, in collaboration with the All India Confederation of the Blind and Enabling Unit of Daulat Ram College, Delhi organized a seminar on “Empowerment of Women with Disabilities: Legal Aspects” at Daulat Ram College on March 7-8, 2016. The seminar was inaugurated by Shri Murlidhar C. Bhandare, former MP and former Governor, Odisha, who is also the Managing Trustee of the Foundation. In his address, Shri Bhandare cited instances of people who overcame their physical handicap and achieved goals which even able-bodied people find difficult to do. He also told how the Foundation filed a PIL and pursued it to get the implementation of the Disability Act. Dr. Savita Ray, Principal of the College delivered the welcome address. The programme was coordinated by Smt. Manjula Rath, Lecturer in Political Science of the College and Shri H. N. Gandhi and Shri Takreem Ahmed of the Foundation. Issues concerning women, especially women with disabilities, such as property rights, uniform civil code, Right to Information Act, UN Convention on the rights of children with disabilities, domestic violence, adoption and surrogate mothers were discussed in the four working sessions spread over two days. Among others, Ms Malavika Rajkotia, Shri Dalip Singh, Ms Rekha, Ms Shreya Singhal, Dr. Arun K. Mohanty, Dr. Sukant Vats and Dr. Sunanda Bharti participated in the seminar.

Legal Literacy Camps and Awareness Drives (2014 - 2015)Read More..

The Foundation organized seminars, workshops and camps to generate awareness among people about the rights of women and to address issues of their safety, security and dignity. It also collaborated with like-minded non-profit organizations in conducting such programmes.

Awaz Uthao, Campaign (2013 - 2014)Read More..

The Awaz Uthao Campaign, launched on the occasion of the International Women's Day on 8th March 2011, aims at creating awareness about the safety of women and girls and at empowering them to deal with cases of sexual harassment and assault.
Justice Sunanda Bhandare Foundation, in association with Guild of Services, organized a campaign on 17th January 2014 at Goela Dairy, Najafgarh. Ms. Manu Chaudhary and Mrs. Diana Khambata represented the Guild of Services. The campaign was coordinated by Ms. Mukesh Rani. Shri Dalip Singh and Shri Bhandare recounted that as a college student of 18 years of age, he had swept the toilets in the sweepers' colony in Mumbai to abolish the menace of untouchability against the sweepers.
Shri Bhandare highlighted the need of both household latrines and institutional toilets to prevent diseases and to add dignity to life. That would ensure security of women and would save them from harassment and embarrassment, he added. He advised the participants to practice cleanliness in their day- to-day life by following a few steps which include keeping the house and the locality clean, throwing the garbage in the dustbin, making use of public urinals and public utility services, not to spit in open places and not to burn garbage. He called upon them to contribute their bit to create a clean and pollution-free environment.
When Shri Bhandare interacted with the women and children participating in the camp, they told him that there was no independent toilet for them. They had to walk a long distance to reach a toilet and wait in a queue for a very long time till their turn came.
Shri Bhandare went round the colony and verified the facts and told the people that he was ve ry sad about what he had seen. As a token, he and many partici pants swept the road.

National Seminar on Protecting and Promoting Safety, Dignity and Equality of WomenRead More..

One Day National Seminar on Protecting and Promoting Safety, Dignity and Equality of Women was organized by Justice Sunanda Bhandare Foundation in collaboration with Lady Shri Ram College, on Saturday, 26th October, 2013 at Lady Sri Ram College for Women, New Delhi. The programme was chaired by Dr. Syeda Hameed, Member, Planning Commission and was inaugurated by Hon'ble Justice Smt. Ranjana Prakash Desai, Judge, Supreme Court. The seminar was attended by all sections of society including judges, lawyers, social activists, NGOs, academicians, media persons and young students some of whom also addressed the participants.

Mother's day & divorce under muslim lawRead More..

Mother's Day was celebrated on 7th May, 2012. The Justice Sunanda Bhandare Foundation in association with Sur Nirman Educational and Cultural Society, organized a Workshop on 21st May, 2012 at Welcome Colony, Seelampur, Delhi. The workshop covered various topics relating to 'Mother' such as - (i) Status of Women both as working women and housewives, (ii) Position of girl child from 'Womb to Tomb', (iii) Divorce and its various forms. Shri H.N. Gandhi, Admn. Officer of the Foundation and Ms. Monika Singhal, Advocate participated in the workshop.
The workshop also covered the issue of Divorce under Muslim Law. Under unfortunate circumstances, when a matrimonial contract is broken, divorce takes place. A man may divorce his wife without giving any reason, by pronouncing the word 'talaaq' 3 times. Every adult Muslim husband of a sound mind is competent to pronounce talaaq. A husband, who is minor or of an unsound mind, cannot pronounce it. A guardian cannot pronounce a talaaq on behalf of minor husband.

Workshop on WILLRead More..

A workshop on "WHAT IS WILL AND WHY DO I NEED ONE" was organized by the foundation in association with Sur Nirman Education and Cultural Society on Saturday, 15th September, 2012 at Delhi Gate in Gali Guna Misar, Delhi. Resource persons included Dr. Abha Kulashreshta, Advocate, Shri Neeraj Kumar, Advocate, Shri H.N. Gandhi, Administrative Officer, Justice Sunanda Bhandare Foundation and Ms. Sajida Khan, President, Sur Nirman Educational and Cultural Society. There were more than 120 participants. It was explained to the participants that a WILL is a legal document that entitles one's loved ones get the assets one wishes to give them. Making a WILL is fairly a simple process and in the events of one's death, can give peace of mind to members of the family.

Rights and responsibilities of children and empowerment of womenRead More..

The Foundation organized a workshop at Government Girls' Senior Secondary School, Shahbad, Mohammadpur for awareness of the rights and responsibilities of children and empowerment of women at 11 AM on 3rd September 2011. The programe included performance of children highlighting the usefulness of small family, how to make Delhi green participated in the programme. Resource persons, Dr. K.S Bhatti, Ms. Snehlata Kalia, Member of the Indian Institute of Human Rights, Ms. Achle Syasachi, Social Activist and Shri Dilip Singh, Advocate and Shri H.N Gandhi, Admin Officer, JSBF addressed the participants. District Education Officer, Principles of Girls' and Boys' Schools, president of social Welfare and other dignitaries attended the programme. Shri Murlidhar C. Bhandare blessed the students with words of wisdom. He appreciated the school management for their excellent performance. The message of girls being equal to and even superior to boys was spread.

Do Kadam: Towards a Gender-friendly PoliceRead More..

In collaboration with Sur Nirman Educational and Cultural Society, the Foundation organized a workshop on 7th August , 2011 in jama Masjid area in which 150 boys and girls participated. Resource persons, Dr. Abha Kulshreshtha, Advocate and Shri H.N. Gandhi, administrative Officer, JSBF explained to the participantes the basic characteristics of adolescence, the inherent change in the life style of a person, its biological impact and the risks they are exposed to include unwarranted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases include HIV/AIDS .